1. Five of the Many Ways in Which the Principle View of the Fall Is Nonsensical

    The Divine Principle explanation for the fall is not just wrong but entirely nonsensical.

    1. The Principle interpretation is biblically nonsensical. When God gives the commandment to be fruitful we must assume that God knows the meaning of the words he is using. From a botanical standpoint, an organism can only be fruitful after sexual reproduction has taken place. If God were to use the phrase “be fruitful” in the context of a commandment to not have sex until after attaining perfection then God would be demonstrating a fundamental ignorance of basic botany.

    Eve says the Tree of Knowledge is “in the middle of the garden.” If she herself were the tree, why would she speak of the tree as being located in the middle of the garden?

    Divine Principle says that Lucifer seduced Eve and Eve then seduced Adam. However, the Bible says (Gen 3:6) that Adam was with Eve at the time she first tasted the fruit. Adam then tasted the fruit immediately afterwards. This makes nonsense of the Principle’s claim that Eve repented after “eating the fruit” with Lucifer and then later had sex with Adam from a desire to return to her original place.

    2. The Principle interpretation is historically nonsensical. Even if the Divine Principle account were a solid interpretation of the Genesis story the latter would still be only a story and not an actual historical event. Let’s look at the two explanations that Unificationists give of how the story came to be: 1) it is an ancient oral tradition that has been passed down from Adam and Eve’s family; 2) it is a revelation received directly from God at a later date.

    It is impossible for an ancient oral tradition to have been preserved from the time of Adam and Eve for the simple reason that any original ancestors would have had to have lived at least 125,000 years ago, and probably over 400,000 years ago. We know that because control of fire by early humans was already prevalent 125,000 years ago and seems to have existed for several hundred thousand years before that. Control of fire is not something that animals are capable of, not even the most intelligent animals. In fact even today most educated people would not be able to successfully create and control fire if they were dropped alone into a remote wilderness. Could you? Unless you have been in the armed forces, or at least the Scouts, you probably could not. The control of fire is a complex set of behaviors that has to be learned. If there were such a thing as the human spirit then it would have to go back at least to the time when humans first learned to control fire. Can you imagine an oral history remaining intact for 125,000 years in the absence of any sort of writing? It is preposterous. And then, who decided to pass it on in a symbolic form? Perhaps Adam and Eve decided that the whole tale was too shameful to be explained clearly and yet realized that it would some day be needed by Divine Principle lecturers and so they cleverly disguised it with symbols. Not likely is it?

    Neither is the Genesis account a revelation. If God were going to give the Divine Principle story by revelation in symbolic form he would surely get the order of events correct, make the symbols clear, and not mistakes about basic botany that could be spotted by an intelligent ten year old. And why would God talk about himself walking in the garden as if he were a human? Moreover, according to the documentary hypothesis (look that up!), Bible scholars have found that the Genesis story was not originally a single story but two, three, or more earlier stories that have been somewhat haphazardly edited together. This is why, for instance, Genesis repeats the story of creation of man in Genesis 1: 26-28 and then in Genesis 2: 5. Notice how there are no plants in Genesis 2: 5 despite the fact that God has already created them in Genesis 1: 11. Why would God give mutually contradictory revelations and then leave it to a tribe of uneducated ancient Israelites to create a coherent narrative out of the parts?

    3. The Principle interpretation is nonsense from the standpoint of science. There are literally millions of pieces of evidence that creatures evolved gradually over hundreds of millions of years. Why all the dinosaur bones? There never were such people as Adam and Eve. That is a fact, not an opinion.

    Would it make any sense for God to create all the different life forms by evolution and then cap it off by creating Adam and Eve as special creations? Why not use special creation for all the animals if that were the case? But let’s say that God did use special creation for humans only, then why did he also create so many transitional forms between the ape and man? Why Australopithecus? Why the Neanderthals? Why the Denisovans? Why would God create humans as special creations and then leave a long trail of evidence to make it seem as if they had evolved? And if God was just practicing when he made the earlier hominins, as some Divine Principle lecturers say, then why does Unification Thought declare that God already had the perfect image of Adam and Eve in mind before he began the creation?

    Then there is this whole problem of angels. How exactly did they help God create the world? What do they do today? Do they help the True Children with their homework? Have you ever seen one? How do they get on with the pixies and the fairies? Why do spiritualists disagree on basic facts such as what sex the angels are and whether or not they really have wings? Are you so sure about these angels?

    4. The Principle interpretation is nonsense from the standpoint of psychology. Would you make the whole success of your global master plan contingent on the ability of a sixteen-year-old girl to outsmart the brilliant archangel who co-created the universe? That’s what the Divine Principle God, Hananim, did.

    Apparently, Hananim didn’t think through the relationships he was setting up at all carefully, and he didn’t even have any back-up plan. He just figured that he could leave a really hot teen-age girl alone with a very lonely male caretaker, who had no other sexual or romantic outlet, and that nothing could possibly go wrong. Even the worst parents in today’s world tend to be at least a little bit careful whom they leave their children with. But not Hananim, apparently. Not only did Hananim skip Botany but he flunked Common Sense 101 too.

    Remember, all Eve had to go with was the commandment. The punishment for failure was the creation of hell, plus tens of thousands of years of suffering for the whole human race. And yet Divine Principle mocks Christians for saying that God threatened his children with death. The punishment in Divine Principle is far worse than the mere death of an individual. By its own standards, doesn’t the Principle deserve far greater mockery?

    5. The Principle interpretation is nonsense from the standpoint of theology. The glaring problem here is that it does not explain how sin comes into the world or how it is passed from generation to generation. In the Unification Church there are as many different explanations for how sin is transmitted as there are members who are willing to venture a suggestion. Some people think sin is passed on socially. Others think it has something to do with the sung sang of the blood. Some think it is more of a legal predicament resulting from Satan’s claim over humankind – a bit like if you accidentally sign up with AOL and then find it impossible to cancel your membership. And then there are those who think it is connected with being deprived of the life element from God. Moon was never able to clearly explain it in spite of having over sixty years and tens of thousands of hours of sermonizing during which to do so. He left it up to the members because he didn’t actually have an answer. It’s like a criminal who gives a different account of his actions every time he is questioned; then, when he is put up for trial and asked which version is the truth, he shrugs his shoulders and suggests that the jury pick whichever story they find most believable.

    If sin is simply passed on socially then why do we need a wine ceremony (with those special ingredients!) to change the lineage? Why did infertile couples always have to adopt from other blessed couples? Why did we have a True Family? Why all that sex in the early days of the movement? Clearly the view that sin is merely passed on socially cannot be considered an orthodox Unificationist position.

    The notion of sin as a legal predicament certainly has some roots in Christian theology, where Christ is our advocate and God is our judge, and where Christ takes our punishment upon himself. But sin cannot only be a legal formality. There is certainly an element of inner corruption, of falling short of the glory, of concupiscence, too. Take away the devil and all his works and we are still sinners, from a Christian standpoint. There must be more to it.

    What about deprivation of the life element inhibiting our spiritual growth? That sort of leaves it up to God. We are like an engine that doesn’t have enough gas. Hananim has the gas but he won’t put enough in the tank, or he can’t because Satan won’t let him, or something. How do we get to the point where Hananim is going to allow us enough gas? We go to the blessing but our gas allowance remains the same as before; perhaps it goes down a little. If we can’t get the gas how can we be blamed for not going the extra miles?

    Most Unificationists would deny that sin is a material thing like a disease that is passed down from generation to generation. They would reject the notion that we ought to be able to identify it substantially in the blood, even if we had a really good microscope. Some would say that sin is a collection of “evil elements” that stained Eve’s spirit in some way. But are fear and jealousy transferable from one object to another in the same way that energy is? Is there a conservation of depravity that works like the conservation of momentum? Perhaps we can imagine ways that these emotions could have been transferred between individuals, but how do they then get into the “blood” and affect future generations?

    I think the most common belief among Unificationists who even attempt to make sense of their own teachings is that sin is a corruption of some invisible inner essence (sung sang) of the blood, or the DNA — a spiritual condition that has a material effect in terms of our failure to unite mind and body. But, how did this come about? Can we really believe that it was somehow passed from Lucifer to Eve through his sperm, which was entirely spiritual, and then passed to Adam through Eve’s kisses or whatever, and then passed to the children through the blood? How did it go from the Luciferian sperm to the human blood? No answer. Perhaps we can think of a drop of ink spreading in a container of pure water. No, that is an analogy not an explanation. There is no real explanation, just a bunch of vague mumbo jumbo that every Divine Principle lecturer is free to make up as he goes along. Really, how does any of this work? What is the mechanism? It is not that the Unification Church has a poor explanation for sin: it has no explanation whatsoever. And yet its Messiah has already come and gone, and the removal of sin was supposed to be his main mission.

    Graham C. Lester

    (reproduced with permission)

  2. Tax Authority to impose inheritance taxes after Sun Myung Moon’s death? Launch of tax audit of Tongil Group

    Below is an English translation of an article just published in Korea about the government’s new tax investigation into the Unification Church.

    "Tax Authority to impose inheritance taxes after Sun Myung Moon’s death? Launch of tax audit of Tongil Group"

    Kim Dae Hyun | 2013/10/18 11:12

    After some investigation Weekly Chosun has confirmed that in the beginning of October the National Tax Service (Korea’s Internal Revenue Service) has launched a full-scale auditing of the Tongil Group and its subsidiaries. This tax investigation is being executed by a special branch of the (public) prosecutor called “Section 4” of the Seoul District National Tax Service. Because it is this specialized branch [that is undertaking the operation] it is understood that this is not just a regular scheduled tax audit over a few businesses, but an actual investigation of the overall flow of funds of the entire Tongil Group. The tax administration explains that it is the imposition of an inheritance tax that is the background of this special investigation being undertaken at this point—one year after Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s death. 

    A person working in the National Tax Service who asked to remain anonymous said, “The Tongil Group did not pay almost any inheritance taxes at all. Some tried to encourage [the Tongil Group] to voluntarily report, but in the end they only paid a very small amount. Normally, whether the inheritance tax can be applied or not is investigated. You should think that the fact that Section 4, which is in charge of special audits, is being mobilized for this task means that they will strictly investigate in detail [to make their case].” It was made known that the amount that the Tongil Group’s side reported as a target of inheritance taxes was an amount that was less than 1 billion won (less than $940,000 dollars).

    This special tax audit is raising a lot of interest from people within and out of the group due to it being the first of its kind after Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s passing. There were some huge changes to the successor structure after the recent crack between mother Hak Ja Han and 4th son Kook Jin Moon and 7th son Hyung Jin Moon who were once thought to be the successors when Rev. Moon was alive. Mrs. Hak Ja Han is currently overseeing the entire Unification Church and Group. The main target focus of the tax audit will most likely be the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s wife instead of his sons. In order to determine whether the inheritance tax applies or not the National Tax Service is planning an investigation of the real estate and all other assets that Rev. Sun Myung Moon left behind.

    Back in 1999 a tax audit done over the Tongil Group’s subsidiary companies. At the time many of the subsidiary companies that were improperly run were charged billions of won in additional taxes and some other companies went bankrupt. The National Tax Service is auditing the entire Tongil Group for the first time in 14 years.

    There are over 20 affiliates and subsidiaries of the Tongil Group that are currently engaged in for-profit activities apart from mission (religious) and educational organizations. Some of the major representative affiliates include Segye Times, Sun Won Construction, Pyungil Planning, Saeilo, Yong Pyung Resort in the Kang Won province in the area of leisure, and Il Hwa in the manufacturing industry. 

    The Cheong Shim Group which is an affiliate of the Tongil Group has under its umbrella the Jin Hung Pineridge Leisure Resort, Cheong Shim IT, Elbon the Style, and other businesses in and outside of the country. Pyung Hwa Motors is an affiliate of Tongil Group but it is considered apart as a foreign investment company. Apart from the Tongil Group is the third son Hyun Jin Moon who manages Ilsung Construction, etc., and the fourth son Kook Jin Moon who operates KAHR Arms weapons manufacturing company in America.

    A Unification Church representative who asked to remain anonymous said, “You can consider that all of the [Tongil] Group’s subsidiaries and affiliates were founded with money from the Church Foundation. Each company is attributed a type of role to fulfill for the Foundation. However, the current ownership structure is unclear and there are some instances where specific persons have actually become the owners. I am worried whether [the entities] will be able to uphold Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s dying wishes.”

    The religious sector of the Unification Church is under the Mission Foundation for the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (Chairman Hak Ja Han), and the business sector is overseen by the Maintenance Foundation of the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. In Korea, the “Maintenance Foundation” is usually referred to as the Tongil Group. Before the financial crisis of 1998 the Tongil Group had a wide range of more than 30 national companies. At one point it had more than 40 domestic and overseas affiliates with sales of more than 1 trillion won and it was classified as a major conglomerate. One of the Tongil Group’s flagship products was the soft drink known as “McCol” made by Il Hwa. However, the Tongil Group underwent a period of difficulties and poor management was revealed in several of its businesses. It also had to undergo painful restructuring processes to clean up non-performing companies such as Tongil Heave Industries, Ilsung Leisure Condo, etc. As a result, the Group’s influence was greatly reduced.

    In addition, the Group’s external size and appearance was reduced after fourth son Kook Jin Moon—who once was unofficially arranged to be one of the successors—was inaugurated as the president of the Tongil Group in 2005 and executed restructuring of the affiliates. In an early interview with the press after he was inaugurated, former president Kook Jin Moon expressed that the management situation wasn’t good by mentioning that, “the total profit from the Group’s companies is only about 10 billion won.” Although the exact reason is unknown, in the beginning of this year former president Kook Jin Moon stepped down from his position as president and left to America. Some in the Tongil Group also gave the analysis that the restructuring done by Kook Jin Moon worked as a stepping stone for the businesses to go from being dysfunctional to a profitable structure. 

    Despite the National Tax Service’s special investigation of the Tongil Group, it will not be easy to charge them with an inheritance tax. Although the majority of the Tongil Group’s companies are operated as corporations the majority shareholder is not an individual, but the Foundation. Also, our tax authority’s hands can’t reach [the Tongil Group’s] foreign-based businesses. One official from the tax authority said, “To be able impose the inheritance tax it has to be proven that the [asset] is private property, but in the case of most of the affiliate companies of the Tongil Group the majority shareholder is the Foundation or the companies established a loose partner relationship with the Foundation which makes it difficult to impose the tax on them.”

    The reason the National Tax Service appointed Section 4 to carry out the audit is because they concluded that it will be very difficult for the tax authorities to do an analysis of all the tax-related information of the Unification Church… It is expected that many of the assets that were recently sold, but that were affiliates when Rev. Sun Myung Moon was alive will also be included in the investigation. The execution of the auditing of the Tongil Group is planned to carry on for three months.

    Ho Yeol Ahn, public relations representative of the Tongil Group, expressed to Weekly Chosun the position regarding the special tax investigation that, “there is no inheritance tax to be paid.” Mr. Ahn said that the tax investigation is an “error by the National Tax Service.” It is known that the current flow of funds of the Tongil Group is managed in general by Hyo Yul Kim (Peter Kim) who was the former secretary of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Kim is now the vice-chairman of the Mission Foundation for the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. Ho Yeol Ahn—PR representative of the Tongil Group—who happens to be very close to Peter Kim explains the following: “We think that there is no point in discussing whether the inheritance tax applies to companies related to our entity. Currently we have some 15 affiliates, but they all belong to the Foundation. How can it make sense that [we] have to pay an inheritance tax if there’s nothing owned by an individual? There almost aren’t any companies among the subsidiaries that makes a profit.”

    The Tongil Group said that, “the authority to operate the companies is with the majority shareholder which is the Foundation. And the chairman can be changed according to the resolution of the members of the board.” Those words imply that the succession of the Foundation after Chairperson Hak Ja Han could follow a legal tradition rather than a lineage-based tradition. An individual related to the situation who was once a Unification Church member said, “The greatest legacy left by Rev. Moon are his children. However, the current lack of harmony between the mother and her children is such that they are not even talking to one another. It would be good if the issue regarding inheritance became clearer.”

    Subsidiaries and Affiliates of the Tongil Group:
    Yong Pyong Resort / Il Sang Marine Industry / Saeil Travel Agency / Il Hwa / Il Shin Stone / TIC (auto parts manufacturer) Special Vehicle Development / JC (chemical company) / Asian Marine / Segye Times / Sun Won Construction / Saeilo / Pyungil Planning / Onel Company / Elbon the style / Elbon the table / Cheongshim IT / Farmsco / Jin Heung Pineridge Leisure Resort / Pyungnong Il Sung Construction (third brother) / KAHR Arms (owned by fourth brother)


    Original Korean article: 

  3. The new Adam nation is none other than New Zealand

    Read the following and ask yourself how this is any different from the reasoning that purports to show Korea is the Adam nation and new chosen people.

    Does everyone remember when Sun Myung Moon said that Japan was no longer the Eve nation, but was now united with Korea, and that they jointly are the new Adam nation? The U.S. became the Eve nation (and had to make more money). So the positions can change. This is the deep truth about  the unseen world, which is deeper, more profound, and more internal than horizontal scientific truth of the world we can experience with our senses.

    The new Adam nation is none other than New Zealand. The record of this truth has been preserved by the hand of God. Of all the countries of the world, where would the New Age, the New Order, and the New World begin? There are 3 countries with the key word “New” in them: New Zealand, New Caledonia, and Papua New Guinea. Only one of these 3 has the zeal to usher in the New Age. 

    Do you remember when the year 2000 began, and there were celebrations around the world? New Zealand was the first major country to celebrate the coming of the new millennium, because it was the first to reach this landmark, ahead of other countries. Japan is called the land of the rising sun, but the rising sun greets New Zealand first each day.

    The bible teaches that the messiah will appear in the east. No major country is further east. This is Principle.

    Even the name of New Zealand’s capital is providential: “Wellington.” It begins with “well.” All will be well.

    No country in the world more fully exemplifies unification than New Zealand. New Zealand symbolically represents the unity of north and south with its two main islands, which are actually named “North Island” and “South Island.” It’s people are predominantly European, representing the West, and Pacific Islanders, representing the East. These two also represent unification of “continent” and “island” as well. (This is why Australia, the only country to embody both island and continent in a single nation, is in the new Eve position.) So there is symbolic unification on many levels. Can a divided country be the country of the messiah who will usher in a New Order? Of course not. What about an ordinary country? No, only the Land of New Zeal possesses the true qualifications.

    It is the only major country completely contained in the Pacific Ocean. “Pacific” means peaceful. The Prince of Peace will usher in a New Era of Peace.

    The Maori name for New Zealand is “Land of the long white cloud.” Again, this was foreshadowed in biblical prophecy: 
    "I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the *clouds of heaven*."
    "And then all the peoples of the earth will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the *clouds of heaven*, with power and great glory."
    "And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the *clouds of heaven*."

    New Zealand’s population is 4.4 million, representing a perfected 4-position foundation on the individual level (First Blessing) and the level of family, clan, tribe, nation, and world (Second Blessing). Its natural beauty is unsurpassed throughout the world (Third Blessing); that is why it was the Chosen nation for the Lord of the Rings movies (a truly providential event). 

    Its calling code is 64 (8x8). Eight represents a New Beginning.

    The first Westerner to visit New Zealand was Abel Tasman. After an initial conflict between the Europeans, representing the West, in the Abel position (because of Christianity), and the Pacific Islanders, representing the East, in the Cain position (because of the formation-stage religions of East Asia), the two groups formed a united country. This laid the foundation for the Messiah.

    New Zealanders affectionately refer to their country as “Godzone.” This is because it is God’s chosen land.


    No one can deny this profound truth. Anyone who denies this profound truth is unwittingly doing the bidding of Satan, and is on Satan’s side, which just shows even more clearly that this is the truth of God.

  4. Am I the only person to detect a pattern?

    When the first generation joined the Unification Church (UC), the message given to them was that Sun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han had powers of perception we lesser mortals did not possess. They could see all our ancestors, they commanded multitudes of spiritual beings - deceased human beings and angels, they had power over both worlds - spiritual and physical. True Father had special powers enabling him to find the correct spouse for wedding candidates.


    This began to look questionable with the advent of the “Black Heung Jin Providence” in which terrible abuses took place under the approval of Sun Myung Moon who recognized his deceased son “possessing” the body of a Zimbawean UC member. The African later went on to denounce SM Moon, to separate a Japanese missionary couple, impregnate a Japanese missionary wife and declare himself the new messiah. This was a truly bizarre episode in the Unification Church that all began with the approval and support of Sun Myung Moon himself who publicly declared this was his son Heung Jin controlling the body of the African. SM Moon and his special spiritual x-ray vision gave this episode his stamp of approval.


    Later, UC members learned the reality of the Moon family behind closed doors when Nan Sook Hong and Moon daughter Un Jin Moon went public with the revelation there was a Moon “lovechild” named Sammy Pak - conceived while the True Father of heaven & earth was married to the True Mother. All of this was kept from the knowledge of UC rank and file. The Moons inhabit a different world than you or I, it appears.


    Next, UC members were encouraged to cough up more necessary “donations” by gambling in Las Vegas - for charity - of course - just as Mr. Moon had been doing for decades. Mr. Moon was a regular visitor to Las Vegas over many years where he has spent unknown large sums of money “liberating” all the miserable spirits lost in their iniquity. This is what he told UC members. More spirits and more of Mr. Moon.


    We should not be at all surprised to learn there is yet another massive deceit and fraud taking place in the Unification Church (Hyo Nam Kim, channel for “Dae Mo Nim,” buying a golf course and other property with the Cheongpyeong ancestor liberation donations) as deceit and outrageous lies have been a part of the Moon M.O. for more than 50 years.


    Am I the only person to detect a pattern?

    -Karen Alleyne Taylor 


  5. Test of truth

    You could say we know that the scientific method works because, “You will know them by their fruits….every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit.” The fruits of science have been spectacularly successful. If we apply this test to those whose central self-identity is “True Parents,” we could ask whether they raised true children.

    Click here if you’d like a refresher on some of the behavior of some of the “true children.”

    Click here for a discussion of what a true parent and its opposite would be.



    In these Pak family photographs we see the child Sammy Pak. We learned in 1998 from Un Jin Moon during the Sixty Minutes interview with her and her sister-in-law, Nan Sook Hong, that Sammy Pak was actually her half brother and had been the product of an adulterous relationship with her father and another woman during his marriage to Hak Ja Han, the True Mother of all humankind. Sammy was never known publicly to be the son of Sun Myung Moon - he was raised by Bo Hi Pak’s wife as Jin Kyung Pak and never appeared in any of the Moon family photographs. Why is it the son of the Lord of the Second Advent needed to be hidden from Unification Church members?

    imageIn one photograph Sammy is sitting to the right on Moon’s lap. His facial features are completely different to the Pak children who all resemble their father. In the other photograph Sammy is sitting next to Hak Ja Han.

    I saw Sammy Pak for the first time when my MFT team was taken to the Pak business, Gene’s Deli, in Arlington Virginia in 1979 or 1980. We were allowed to have anything, Mrs Pak told us. I noticed Sammy who was about 13 or 14 and wondered why he looked completely different to the other Pak children. It was a question that gnawed away in the back of my mind. imageThe next time I saw Sammy was in Gloucester in 1987. He was there to participate in Ocean Challenge with the other 2nd gen Korean teenagers and young adults. My husband was captain of Moon’s fishing yacht, the New Hope, and I was with him to care for the boat. Sammy was then 21 years of age and I remember the night I saw him so clearly - even now, 26 years later. He was boisterous, joking and loud. He was stocky, short and muscular with dark skin and a face that was round and fleshy, not lean like the Pak siblings. He looked nothing like a Pak child and I would know. Jin Sung Pak spent a week sitting next to me in our MFT van to make a condition for his sister Hoon Sook, who was auditioning for the Ballet Russe in Monte Carlo.

    When I learned in 1998 that Sammy was actually the son of Sun Myung Moon it all made sense and that gnawing question I had been carrying for almost 20 years was answered. Rev Moon’s lame attempts to explain this shocking revelation (the concubine providence) was the last straw for many Unificationists, including myself. I did what was sorely needed: I left the Unification Church.

    -Karen Alleyne Taylor

  7. Here we have a bloc leader over millions of people who tells the leaders under him that they should not speak so much about love!

    My dear brothers and sisters,

    When Jin Pal Chung found out that the sermon which his elder brother, the continental leader, gave on May 19, 2013 at the Moscow Sunday service was put into the internet he said that to do this is a bad condition through which Satan attacks: “You cannot do that. That’s it. I follow the Principle. Now I set the rules for you, which you all have to follow. If you follow your own desires, then how are you different from the group of Kwak?

    We do only one official recording and permission must be asked first before it is given to anybody. If brothers and sisters will listen to recordings of my performances, there will be chaos. People are not able to understand through those records. Do not do that! No online culture! Henceforth, this should not happen again. You cannot give out any information. Online is not for us, because the technology has dominion over us. Satan works through the internet technology and the KGB can attack us through it.”

    Rev. Chung said at the leaders’ meetings on May 20, 2013 that he is only fighting against Satan with the help of God and True Father and that he cannot fight him by himself. Jin Pal said that will run away if he has to fight Satan alone!

    That is of course no good news for our brothers and sisters in the Northeast region, that they have a bloc leader who is afraid of Satan, a leader who runs away from the enemy! This means that he does not have the spiritual victory over the Archangel and at the same time he puts himself up as the great leader whom others have to follow!

    Jin Pal Chung told leaders in Russia: “I am representing Ukraine. I am protecting that country.” Such is the miserable situation for our brothers and sisters in that part of the world who are getting training from a leader who does not even have a single spiritual child, who could not restore a single soul to God’s side in his whole life, who would run away when he is faced with Satan without the help of God and True Father, while demanding at the same time that everybody has to obey his directions.

    The fallen Archangel Lucifer has already been restored. So there exists no reason to fear Satan. But it seems that this news which is one and a half decade old did not yet reach Rev. Jin Pal Chung.

    Rev. Chung asked: “Who is protecting Russia? When Satan attacks, who will be hit? Our members. So you have to change your information system, ok? No more internet publication. If you do like this you do not have any spiritual sense.”

    Jin Pal noted: “You bear the burden of 70 years of communism.” There was no real freedom and openness under communism. That problem will not be solved by continuing a secretive policy without the internet but God wants to use the internet that the whole truth comes to light and thanks to it you have now the chance to hear for yourself what Rev. Jin Pal Chung is actually saying, what kind of directions he is giving to the leaders, and you can judge for yourself whether the Russian top leaders are right who denied the content of what the more than 30 brothers and sisters wrote to the continental president or whether these dedicated members expressed valid concerns about the attitude and behaviour of their bloc leader.

    Imagine, Rev. Chung asked the leaders present in the room: “Why are you talking so much about love, love, love? What is that? That means that you are craving so much for love. Understand? I don’t know how much you understand?”

    Who is the one who does not understand? Here we have a bloc leader over millions of people who tells the leaders under him that they should not speak so much about love! Can the situation get any worse? I don’t think so. That means the bottom of hell has been reached when it is not even welcomed to speak about love, True Love.

    “Change now your spiritual life. Totally change your life.” This is what Rev. Chung tells the leaders who have been in our church for about 20 years or so! What is wrong with the spirit of our members on that continent that they have to change their spiritual life totally? Who took care of them before Rev. Jin Pal Chung came? Nobody, so that they are now completely off?

    He tells members: “Now you break down your mind and we will create a new culture.”

    What is the new culture like which he wants to build?

    Rev. Chung told them about how he educated the Ukrainian members. They had an office in the three-room apartment, about which Jin Pal explained: “I occupied one big room, while in another room sat seven people, a total of ten or twelve men: In summer, hot, computers, telephone, people swear to each other, constantly complained to me…”

    He had one room for himself and the others had to squeeze into one or two rooms. All kinds of privileges for the one who should be the servant of all, while brothers and sisters have to suffer! He is re-educating members telling them: “You have to change your concept of what it means to be a full-time member.”

    Rev. Chung requested that his words should be used to educate brothers and sisters, telling the leaders that in this way they have something of value to pass on and not their stupid ideas! He asked them: “Compared to what I am doing, is that what you are doing stupid? You’re not just stupid, you are zombies. You even worse than zombies.

    I told you a couple of days ago that you are responsible for the people of Russia but you have not been thinking of them so you bear the sin of ignorance, you have already spiritually killed 146 million people. Behind these millions of people are billions of ancestors and the future generations you stop them from coming to God. So when I say that you are stupid then that is putting it mildly.”

    This is the way in which Rev. Jin Pal Chung speaks with Russian members while he himself has not saved a single soul, has not found even one spiritual child even though he has been church leader for more than two decades. What has he been doing until now, living on public money?

    In line with that fact he told the leaders: “I heard from True Father many times that we leaders are terrible people – so that we may change. Actually I am very stupid.” In this way Rev. Chung confuses the minds of brothers and sisters by telling them contradictory things, getting them to give up to use their reason and follow him blindly. Any method seems to be ok for him to get people to do what he wants them to do for him.

    Rev. Chung explained that there will be church businesses whereby church leaders will receive a percentage of the profits: “In the Ukraine this system is already established. We do this to avoid the mistakes of the first generation. How much a leader receives depends on his level of responsibility in the church. Those who work hard will be able to even buy their own homes.”

    Those higher up in the chain of command of the church hierarchy receive more money, more privileges. The same system as the Catholic Church or other religious organizations implemented is also established in our Movement where fallen history is repeated instead of it being restored!

    Rev. Chung emphasizes: “Totally change your mind. From now on, new beginning.” And he claims: “Following Father and living in line with the Principle. That is my two major professionalism.” He sees himself as an expert in what it means to follow True Father and to lead a principled lifestyle. Based on this understanding he wants others to change and think like him.

    When one brother noted that there are those who may welcome the new direction for everybody to become full-time members because they have debts and want to get out of their situation or that they struggle with their Blessing and want to get away from home, Jin Pal Chung responded that those with financial issues should not become full-time but those who cannot get along as husband and wife should become full-time to get education.

    Rev. Jin Pal Chung tells leaders: “If a family has some kind of a difficult situation, you should strongly encourage the parents to become full members. They will get my education and then be able to better deal with their problems.” At the same time Rev. Chung says that he has struggles with his own wife as he has been living more or less separated from his family for about one and a half decades while being the leader of Ukraine, establishing his version of Cheon Il Guk there.

    About the situation in Korea Rev. Chung explained that from the First Generation about 95% of the couples did not get divorced, but when they were asked how many of them are happy more than 80% said they are not happy. “They do not divorce because of the Principle, because of the children.”

    Rev. Chung says that most Korean couples are unhappy because they understand the Principle in their own way. In front of Russian leaders he claimed that he can see what kind of conjugal relationship they have when seeing their face, when looking into their eyes. He tells them that he has such special abilities because he is living the Principle.

    A few minutes later when he was asked for advise concerning how to educate associated members to become full-time members, to motivate Blessed brothers and sisters to become full-time members, do one year of FR and the go pioneering to a city, etc. Rev. Jin Pal Chung answered, “Don’t ask me. I am stupid.” – because he does not have a serious answer to offer.

    The true attitude of Rev. Jin Pal Chung becomes visible in many ways when you listen to what he actually says. For example, when one sister spoke about the problem that there are those who are Blessed and want to be full-time members but their FR result is more or less zero and it is actually too much for them to be full-time involved, Rev. Chung advised her to send such people home.

    At that point the sister said that by just being home members they will not grow, they are Blessed members who will have their children, Jin Pal Chung responded: “I don’t care!” He is not really concerned about our members’ spiritual life but only whether they can become full-time members and work for him, in his businesses, etc.

    When the sister did not agree with Rev. Chung’s attitude he justified his behaviour by saying: “I educate people and if they do not fulfill their responsibility then they have to pay indemnity.”

    He has no heart to feel responsible for people’s situation. Either they do what he wants or it is their problem and he does not care as he expressed repeatedly. “I don’t care.” seems to be one of the favourite expressions of Jin Pal Chung while such words would never come over the lips of those who have a heart to heart relationship with our Heavenly Parent.

    -Nikolaus Beutl, Jul 14, 201 
  8. After raid, discovery of embezzlement of millions in Unification Church funds by Jin Pal Chung, the national messiah of Ukraine

    My dear brothers and sisters,

    Jin Pal Chung, the national messiah of Ukraine, came to that nation in May 1999. Almost immediately, he centralized the financial affairs of the church. Previously, each city had its own budget and sent teams to raise funds to various cities in the country and abroad, using the connections established with foreign missionaries. The financial situation of each town depended on the efforts of the brothers and sisters living in that place.

    Jin Pal Chung stopped that practice. From that time on he did not allow anybody to form a team in order to raise funds and he alone decided how the funds are used. There was no official flow of money but he has been going personally round to the centres in order to collect the money and nobody knew where to the money went.

    Imagine, such a situation of one person having full control over the national budget which is not reported to members but only known by the top leader, has been going on for many years and nobody could do something about it! This became possible because the leader of the Ukraine did not connect properly with the headquarters in Moscow but did his own thing by establishing a system of absolute power over all financial dealings of our Movement in that country.

    Over the past years, Ukrainian brothers and sisters have continuously raised funds in developed countries like America, Japan, South Korea, and in the Schengen area. There have always been about 15 members raising money in such nations. As a rule, only such brothers and sisters were sent there whose efforts would guarantee a good FR result. Others would not be sent because it is very difficult to get a visa and the travelling costs for members to go to these countries are rather high as they did not travel by train to the nations where they would fundraise. Only carefully selected people who have shown to bring good results in the Ukraine and in CIS countries were chosen to go abroad.

    According to the calculation made by one Ukrainian brother in 2007 concerning the daily average net result (with the cost of food and transportation deducted) in developed countries does not fall below $100, but is usually about $200-250 for one FR member. Given the time spent traveling every FR member abroad raises funds for at least 300 days a year. Doing some simple calculations we see that when we multiply the average minimum result of a fundraiser times 300 (days) and times 15 (people abroad) it turns out that at least $450,000 are raised each year. If the average per person is $200, the amount is double and reaches almost a million dollars per year.

    Where does the money go? How much money is needed in order to run the church activities in the Ukraine? For many consecutive years the number of full-time members who have been fully sponsored by the church, ranged between 50 to 70 people. The cost of food is about $1 a day per person. For soap, toothpaste, and personal expenses, as well as clothing, brothers and sisters raise funds in the cities of their mission. It turns out that food costs are as follows: 50 to 70 members, multiplied by $1 and 365 days, amount to some 20,000 to 25,000 dollars per year.

    As church centre typically three-bedroom apartments are used which can be rented for $300-400, depending on the city. In the Ukraine there are seven witnessing centres. Including the maintenance of church properties the costs are altogether between 30,000 and 33,000 dollars.

    Another item of expenses are holding PR-events and religious ceremonies: presentations, conferences, charity projects, Blessing, God’s Day in Kiev. The overall costs for such events have been between 30,000 and 40,000 dollars in the most active years while in normal years not more than $10,000. Periodic meetings of all members in Kiev do not require a lot of money, especially because the travelling costs are raised by brothers and sisters themselves in their mission cities.

    When we take extra costs into consideration we can add for this purpose $10,000 a year, although, this amount is of course too high. A lot of money spent on phone calls, a direct result of carelessness and irresponsibility of members, but still will make them into a column of expenses – $12,000 a year. All other expenses of members are not covered by public funds.

    So, how much money is spent on maintenance of the Ukrainian Unification Church? Using the highest estimates we can come up with the following numbers: Food – $25,000 a year, Properties for rent – $33,000 a year, PR-campaigns and religious ceremonies – $40,000 a year, Payment of telephone bills – $12,000 a year and $10,000 a year make together a total of $120,000.

    Compare now this number of yearly expenditure with the about one million dollars raised by voluntary fundraisers and you have to ask the question: Where are the other eight to nine hundred thousand dollars which have been personally collected by Jin Pal Chung?

    One answer can be found in what his wife said when she came for the first time in seven years of his staying in the Ukraine to their mission country and said at a meeting with members: “I never believed my husband because he is a braggart. But when he bought us a house in Korea, I realized that in the Ukraine really great things are happening.”

    Is it the task of a national leader to let members work hard so that he can buy for himself and his family a house in another country – in this case in Korea – while the members in the Ukraine are living under rather poor conditions?

    I do not know how many thousands of dollars the house which Jin Pal Chung bought in Korea had cost, but it is wrong to begin with, that only he and not his family is in the Ukraine, because Father had clearly requested that National Messiahs have to move together with their families to their mission countries – with their tribe supporting them.

    Instead of obeying Father’s direction which many National Messiah families followed in 1996, Jin Pal Chung did not bring his family and financial support to the mission country but took money raised for the restoration of Ukraine for his own family in Korea, which means nothing less than sacrificing the higher purpose of national restoration for the individual and family level, reversing the Principle of living for the greater good.

    In 2005 the Security Service of Ukraine raided the main offices of our church in that country. What was stored on computers was copied and some of this information came to the media, resulting in the local Kiev TV movie that reported about properties bought by Jin Pal Chung near Kiev, mostly expensive mansions. Our members knew nothing about these mansions even though it was through their hard work that these properties were bought and not used for the public purpose, proving the grave misuse of hundreds of thousands of dollars of public funds.

    Jin Pal Chung leads a luxurious life, which he does not hide. In the Ukraine there have been several national leaders, but only when Rev. Chung appeared the tradition was established that when he sits down with brothers and sisters at the table he gets served expensive delicacies while others are eating regular food. None of the previous national leaders have acted in such a way.

    He drives an expensive car, explaining that he is ashamed to go to VIPs in a cheaper model. For months, no one knows where he is because he just disappears. He loves to travel around the world, collecting money from the fund-raising teams. There are of course other cheaper methods of delivery of money to Ukraine. During these travels he visits beautiful places and it is not clear what he is doing when he is abroad instead of serving the people in his mission country.

    Jin Pal Chung has been misusing his position as the national leader of a big country of some 45 million people with 35% of them living on income under the poverty line. Because many parents do not have enough money to feed their children, they give them away to public institutions where more than 100,000 children live without their parents, who are too poor to feed them. Millions of old people exist in misery with hardly enough money to live a normal life…

    And on the other side we have the person who is responsible for the restoration of that poor nation leading a luxurious life, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for his private, completely self-centred purposes. Could the mocking of True Parents be any worse as it is practiced in this way of reversing the Principle and practicing the total opposite of God’s desire?

    It is indeed very true what Jin Pal Chung says about himself: “I have still desire to smoke, drink, take drugs, and sexual desire. I am a terrible guy…” Such a truly terrible person who is actually a criminal in front of God and the Ukrainian people – who has stolen millions of dollars of public money in the course of the 14 years since he has begun robbing the country by taking the money that was raised for the restoration of the people of Ukraine by sacrificially hard working members in order to use it for his self-centred purposes – is now expanding his influence in the Northeast region!

    The time has come for evil to be exposed and for false leaders to be removed in line with Father telling us on Children’s Day in 1983: “Do not pay attention to anyone, including leaders, who do not obey me; those who don’t listen to me but insist on doing things their own way should be kicked out. Even if they are Korean or Japanese leaders, it doesn’t matter. The precious leaders are those who are following God’s will.”

    A few months before he left for the spirit world, Father said to the leaders present on the Day of victory of Love: “When you are lying, you say the worst kind of lies, worse than the communists … I’ll be investigating. If I create a system to investigate what Unification Church members are doing, everything will become very clear within a three year period… Investigations are being made in the Heavenly nation and in the Unification Church so that we will know who is communist and who is messing around and lies…”

    All evil is now coming to light and our members around the world can find out based on facts who are the communists in our midst and who say lies worse than communists, turning the Principle upside down in order to serve their self-centred purposes and evil desires.

    It is our collective responsibility to bring the truth to light not only concerning what has been going on in former communist countries like the Ukraine and other nations of the Northeast region but also on other continents where leaders are misusing public funds and commit all kinds of crimes in front of Heaven.

    Whoever practices True Love will act as his brother’s keeper and stop him from continuing to commit grave sins. It is out of love for these leaders that I reveal their crimes to our worldwide membership so that these evil people may be stopped as soon as possible from continuing on their satanic path of misuse on so many levels.

    -Nikolaus Beutl
    June 11, 2013

    "Facing corrupt leaders in the Northeast Region (Part 4)"

  9. Sammy Pak is enough

    In one sense it doesn’t matter whether anything in Chung Hwa Pak’s “The Tragedy of the Six Marys” is true: We know for a fact that SMM is the father of Sammy Pak. That is enough.

    As I said in another comment on whatisonthemoon.tumblr.com, “You forgot: #8 (Sammy Pak’s mother) was hidden from us, but was admitted by SMM (though I didn’t hear then), admitted by Un Jin on TV, and recently explained publicly from the UC pulpit. What does it say that I was convinced to join through deceit?”

    Comments are limited to 250 characters; otherwise I would have mentioned that the “TV” statement was on the news magazine show “60 Minutes” and would have explained more fully….

    Several people can verify SMM’s public admission at a leaders’ meeting if you don’t trust Nansook Hong, who reported in 1998 that SMM admitted personally to her on a *separate* occasion that he had “providential affairs.” Un Jin also admitted SMM was Sammy’s father. It was also explained in recent years in several sermons and workshops. I’m not sure at this point how any member can deny this, especially since other members are saying “so what?”

    Unlike the situation of Myung Hee Kim (who was part of the “Father’s Life Course” lecture when I was a new member), the affair with Sammy Pak’s mother was never mentioned. I didn’t find out about it until *decades* after I devoted my life to the messiah, the true husband. My ability to make a reasoned judgment about whether he was in fact a true, perfected man was sabotaged by patronizing deception (withholding that key information) by those with a low ethical standard, certainly too low to build an ideal world. But the buck doesn’t stop with Asian leaders who favored dishonesty. If SMM had insisted that every new member be told about his affair with Sammy Pak’s mother, it would have been done.

  10. Rev. Moon and the United Nations

    For many years I was able to dismiss most of what was written in the press because I thought small errors and a negative emotional tone and exaggerations in the writing, as well as clear evidence that they didn’t understand certain things as well as an insider like myself. In retrospect, maybe I should have had the ability to subtract those things out and look at the remaining facts objectively. In my defense, almost all of the most damning information has come out publicly in the last 15 or so years. On the other hand, if the idea that your side is right is unassailable, you’re willing to explain away an awful lot of inconvenient facts.

    This article is pretty much factual, not particularly emotional, and not hyperbolic like many “negative” articles, but I wonder how many of the current members are willing to forgive whatever objections they might have and look beyond to honestly consider the facts.

    If you’re a member, even though it’s natural for you to be defensive, and not your habit to overlook small errors or an undertone of disapproval, please try to read this article objectively and look squarely at the facts. At the very least, I think you’ll agree that the UC has a very severe PR problem that interferes in a huge way with accomplishing your goals, and that part of the reason for this is the way things have been done in the UC.


    By Harold Paine and Birgit Gratzer

    November 2001

    I. Introduction
    The organization of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon is seeking a major role in the NGO community at the United Nations. Three Moon groups have been granted formal NGO status and others have applied. The Moon organization has used the UN for conferences and for publicity events. Moon has held a mass-wedding in a UN conference room. A new Moon-sponsored “umbrella group,” known as the World Association of NGOs (WANGO), proposes itself as an authentic voice of the NGO community.
    The Moon organization (1) commands considerable financial resources. It has held lavish conferences, with participants from many countries. A number of government missions have lent their support. Dozens of well-known scholars, NGO representatives, politicians and diplomats have unwittingly taken part.
    At a time when many are asking questions about who NGOs represent and what role they should have in global governance, we must carefully examine this newcomer, especially since it lays claim to broad international legitimacy. (2)
    The Moon organization, as we shall show, is a strange admixture of religion, politics and business. It has confounded tax and oversight authorities by doing much of its financial transactions in cash and by using the mantle of religious freedom to shield itself from scrutiny. (3)
    Before turning to details about Moon activities at the UN, we will review general information from public sources about the Moon organization and its operating methods. We draw on many major media, books and journal articles, a report of the US Congress and extensive web-based information, as well as Moon publications and web sites. In the subsequent report about the Moon organization at the UN, we also draw on a number of interviews as well as primary documents.

    Read More